Advanced training course “Steel – Basics, Properties and Inspection”

21. – 22. April 2015 bei imq

On the 21st and 22nd April in 2015 the first advanced training course “Steel – Basics, Properties and Inspection” carried out by imq took place with 13 employees of WEKAL Maschinenbau GmbH from Lichtenstein/Saxony and from Fritzlar/Hesse.

Purpose of the training was to update the participants’ existing knowledge in the fields of basic terms and laws of materials technology of steels. This was completed by demonstration tests in mechanical material testing, metallography and scanning electron microscopy. Main focus of the second day was the selection of the material respectively the selection of suitable heat treatment processes. Instructed by imq trainers the participants could apply their freshly acquired or updated knowledge on the example of their own products.

Mr Kretschmer, CEO of WEKAL Lichtenstein concluded at the end that “the seminar was exactly what he and his staff had wished for.”

Similar seminars are scheduled. If you are interested please contact imq for further information.
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